How to Backup Blu-ray to NAS for streaming via HD TV 

Filmniks are always keen on high resolution and big screen. They dream that get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch hundreds of Blu-ray movies on HD TV with huge screen without pause and jerk. Or sitting in their comfortable sofa in the quiet evening with their families and enjoy high resolution videos in front of the screen, which make people feel happy. Blu-ray meet the demand of high definition but cause the excessive storage space and incompatible with HD TV. With this sense of mission, Network Attached Storage comes in, which can storage a good deal of Blu-ray movies extract from your mountains of Blu-ray discs. With Blu-ray in NAS, you can freely streaming your Blu-ray movies via HD TV wherever you are in bedroom or living room. So how to copy dozens of Blu-ray movies to NAS for HD TV smooth streaming, you may have to backup Blu-ray to NAS compatible MP4 format first. 


To achieve this dream, backing up and converting Blu-ray to NAS MP4 videos is needed, so that you can store them on NAS for sharing with your family or playback on HD TV with ease. Video Converter Ultimate from Pavtube is the recommended Blu-ray to NAS converter to reach the above goal. This Video Converter Ultimate is devoted to copy, backup and convert Blu-ray to NAS as common MP4/MKV/MOV… Videos for streaming on HD TV. It can compress 1080p Blu-ray to suitable size for NAS for playback via Android, iOS, Windows based tablets, smart phones and portable devices.(Read Video Converter Ultimate Review.) 

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How to backup Blu-ray to NAS MP4 video for HD TV? 

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie 

Install and launch Blu-ray to NAS converter, and then click “File” to load Blu-ray movie to this software. It will choose Blu-ray main movie content to convert automatically. From “Subtitle” and “Audio”, you can set your wanted subtitles and audio track. 


Step 2: Set the output format 

You can choose the output format according to your TV brand in TVs profile. Here, we choose “Sony TV(*mp4)” as the output format for Sony HD TV. 


Tip: if you want to adjust the Blu-ray movie size, you can open “Profile Settings” window through “Settings” close to format list. Here, you can reset the video size and bitrate. 


Step 3: Start Blu-ray to NAS conversion 

Press right-bottom “Convert” button to get the process on. When the process is completed, locate the created movie by opening the output folder. 

With this Blu-ray to NAS MP4 video, you can enjoy Blu-ray on HD TV such as Vivo TV, Samsung TV from NAS smoothly. And of course, as the common format supported by general player devices, you can stream this Blu-ray movie via NAS on your smart phone and tablet, too. 

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