How to Play 2K or 4K MP4 files on Vizio TV?

Vizio TV will be the only TV that there are so many people have MP4 playback issues on. The worst part is that Vizio TV doesn’t seem to have any comprehensive list of what file formats and encoding settings ARE supported, unlike Apple TV. So it needs users themselves to test

"Anyone Tried getting 2k or 4k mp4 files to play on a Vizio TV?
I have a P502ui-B1 and cannot get the 2k or 4k videos to play  via the USB stick. I record them on my Note 4 and try to play them. “Unsupported format” but 1080P works great. 
Vizio  has there own 4k .mp4 video I tried that and it works fine. Wondering if its the encoding of the Note 4 that might be not compatible? 
Anyone try this?"

"I am using the Plex Media Server Version via DLNA to a 2013 model Vizio E701i-A3 HDTV w/firmware 2.0.44 which is the latest available as of this post according to Vizio, and all of my .MP4 movies, most of which are h.264 are not working via the Media application built-in the TV.  I get a message “Video codec not support  Audio codec not support”, but I can see all the directories of media files available from the Vizio.  Strangely *some* .AVI files DO play fine…  Has anyone found encoding settings which DO work for h.264/MPEG-4?  "

So can you play 2K and 4K MP4 on Vizio TV? Vizio team says that if you want to watch 4K MP4, it has to be HEVC H.265 in order for it to work in 4k and your TV must be 4K model. As for the video and audio codec issue, if you put the mp4s into a usb dongle and plug it into the tv, the movies play. But over the DLNA plex server, it will say “Video codec not supported. Audio codec not supported.” Vizio TV supports Microsoft WMA/WMV codecs There are many converters out there that support this. I use Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, it’s not free but is powerful enough.

It can convert SD/HD/2K/4K/MP4 to 540p/720p1080p/2160p/3840p MP4 for Vizio TV. It allows you to choose video codec, audio codec, video resolution, audio channel, etc to get more compatible video with Vizio TV. Somebody tested and said that h.264/mp4/aac can be played on Vizio TV via USB. So besides WMV, you also can use h.264/mp4/aac video for Vizio TV play. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate also can convert your H.264 MP4 4K video to H.265 4k video for your Vizio TV 4k models. It can convert any video MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, ISO, H.265, etc video to Vizio TV supported wmv, mp4.

If you are a Mac user, please use Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac and you can learn the top 5 reasons to choose it here.

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How to Get 2K or 4K MP4 files to play on Vizio TV?

Step 1: Load MP4 file

Install and run the Vizio TV MP4 Converter on PC. You can choose to install the Vizio TV MP4 Converter in any disks of your computer and it can’t take you too much time. Load the files to the Vizio TV MP4 Converter. The Vizio TV MP4 Converter can allow you to add many files at one time. This designer can save you much time and also make the Vizio TV MP4 Converter easy to use to play MP4 on Vizio TV.

load MKV files

Steps 2. Select the Vizio Smart TV support formats as the streaming device

Click format bar and select the output format you need. You can choose H.264 HD MP4 format ir HD WMV from "HD Video".

Vizio TV MP4

Tip: Click "Settings" icon in the interface to make sure the codec is h.264 and the audio codec is aac. And if your Vizio TV isn’t 4K models, you should change the video size to 1080p.

Steps 3. Start the conversion process

If you need to adjust the output parameters before convert movies to Vizio TV, you can click the settings button and adjust the resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc. Then click convert button to start the conversion process.

When the video conversion process is finished, you can copy converted videos to USB flash drive, and then you can watch videos and movies on Vizio Smart TV with best format, there is no problems anymore.

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